Codes ...........♥
Image and text codes for the FL members. Just scroll down the page to look for the one you'd like to use on your site/journal/signature/etc~

♥........... Text codes

Instructions: Cut and paste these codes to your page. Feel free to add font color, style, and size. However, if you do not know how, use the code as is.

Rivalry is // Ran vs Mami

Ran vs Mami [Fan]

Ran vs Mami || Fan

better [than you] // ran vs mami

♥........... Image codes

Instructions: Save any of the following codes to your own server and link back to the site. If you do not know how to link back here, you can write to me, and I will help you.

Always link the code back to this URL:

Please do not link to this FL by using "" because you never know when I might change it to "index.asp", or "index.shtml".


♥........... Image credits

Most of the images were taken from Anime Paper and Elysian Anime. The rest came from my own collection.

Disclaimers ...........♥

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